Guest speakers 

Our friends Evangelist Bob Oliver, Prophet Michael Monk, Brother Joshua Moore and many more share the Word of God at Church on the Hill. 

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Sunday Sermons

Watch Sunday sermons any day of the week. Pastor Mike Winters leads us into a deeper understanding of God's Word. The personal application of God's Word has the power to transform lives. We are conquerors in Jesus' name. 

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Short sermons

Pastor Mike takes just a few minutes to provide guidance on living a full life in Jesus Christ. 

Adult Sunday School Class

To respect the privacy of our classmates and to encourage the collaborative nature of our studies, New Sunday School videos are not being published online. Please join us for the live event every Sunday Morning at 9:30. 

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Worship Sets

It is good to Praise the Lord. It is good to Gaze upon his Majesty. To proclaim his love in the morning and his faithfulness at Night. Oh, it is good to worship and praise the Lord! 

Surely God is with us everywhere we God. When we enter into Praises in His presence God always shows up. Join us in Praising Him today!