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Family value is a focus at Church on the Hill. We support each other in Love and Truth,  Be sure to visit one of our Services. 

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No Falling This Autumn

Hello, Friends, HAPPY AUTUMN!! Sometimes we call this season FALL. The beauty of the colorful leaves in this season of change will soon appear. It’s bittersweet for me because I’m not big on Winter anymore. Christmas is the bright spot.

Especially here in Southern Indiana where we have many rolling hills, the layers of colors and various trees and their differing leaves can be so beautiful.

So, I guess the lesson is, we need to embrace and enjoy some of life’s changes to different “seasons” in our lives. God sometimes has to take us FORWARD even if we try to desperately hold onto YESTERDAY. Don’t be afraid of TOMORROW. God is Already there.

Church on the Hill recently had a big time MAKEOVER on all our buildings. We are thankful for the new look. But most of all we thank God for changing and renewing our hearts and giving us a new bigger vision for revival and winning many souls to Christ. Consider coming with us on this exciting adventure into God’s wonderful plan for Church on the Hill.

~Pastor Mike Winters


Looking for some encouraging videos? Our video library contains Sunday sermons, guest speakers and other special services as well. Pastor Mike Winters also shares a few 2 Minute Teaching videos with us. 

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