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After the Resurrection

We’ve all seen Before and After pictures of home remodeling projects or people on a weight loss mission. Sometimes the difference is radical and hopefully, beautiful.

That would be a good description of Easter for the world, and especially for each individual who repents and believes and receives Jesus as Lord and Savior. A well used phrase would fit perfectly: The Difference is like Night and Day.


The day Jesus was tried, tortured and executed was earth’s darkest day. Three Days later at sunrise was the brightest most hopeful day this earth has seen.


Death and sin reigned until Jesus rose. Hebrews tells us that Jesus destroyed him who had the power of death, the devil...That Jesus came to deliver those who were all their lifetime in bondage to the Fear of Death.


Jesus rose to eventually ascend into heaven at the right hand of God to forever and continually be our advocate and intercessor at the right hand of Almighty God. That would mean that life even in this dark world just got infinitely better because we have a personal Friend, a Brother, who has connections with the highest power in the universe, and He uses His connection for our benefit.


The Bible says Jesus was PROVEN to be the SON OF GOD with power BY the resurrection from the dead. That means He is Who He said He was and so we can fully count on the truthfulness of every promise He ever made.


Yes friends, there’s a whole world of difference from BEFORE and AFTER Jesus’ resurrection and it’s all for your good and God’s glory. Put your faith in the risen Jesus and walk with Him in a life of blessing.

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