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Fall Foliage

The Redemption Plan

Saved from the fall.

The Fall of Man is an event most of us are very familiar with; the moment in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve fell into the deception of their enemy. In the beginning God created mankind as a companion, someone who He could connect with in the garden. When Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit sin entered the world creating a thick barrier between God and Man. 

After the fall of man, we see God working through the scriptures to create a redemption plan. He attempted to preserve the righteousness that remained in mankind.

We see God’s redemption plan brought through Noah in the flood, Abraham’s covenant and with Moses during the great exodus.  Great prophets of old had risen to show Godly guidance and warnings to those trapped in sin. Still sin managed to remain in the world.

Man’s own attempt to remain righteous was not strong enough to break the pattern of the sinful nature. God knew what had to happen, He had to send his own son in the flesh to Earth as the great intercessor. Jesus lived through human experiences. Having the God-power within him, he was able to dispel the very evil that once triumphed over the Earth. When he died on the cross baring the sins of the world on His shoulders He again triumphed over Death and Hell. He had conquered over the very grounds that sin once claimed. Through Salvation, he released an inheritance of His authority to us. We were no longer victims. While life seems to be a never-ending battle of faith, Jesus built a bridge for us to once again fellowship, and talk with God. He made way for us to receive a heavenly reward.

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