Let’s move from Can God? To God Can !!

This was taken from a message sent out to the church from Pastor Mike.


PLEASE Be Aware of this one thing and be armed and ready: the enemy wants to use this to push our whole church into fear and unbelief/doubt. But as Scripture warns us not to be ignorant of the tactics of the devil, you and I are going to take positive actions to resist fear and doubt.

1. Meditate upon the good promises of God in His Word. Psalm 1 tells us it will make us like firmly planted and fruitful trees.

2. We are going to step up our praise and thanksgiving and joyous laughter. The JOY of the Lord is our Strength.

3. We will PRAY in faith, speaking boldly the FAITH outcome we wish to receive, for ourselves, for the church and for our friends.

FRIENDS, we are NOT going to give in to fear or pessimism, but we are going to HOLD ONTO FAITH IN THE WORD AND JOY. We are going to resist small thinking and negative talk. We love you all and we will STAND TOGETHER. In Jesus’ name.

Let’s move from Can God? To God Can !!

And based on His Word, let’s move from Will God? To God Will !

And from, Will God provide? To God HAS already Provided through Jesus !!


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