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Summer Is Calling...

So is God

Hello, friends.  Hope you’re doing well with all that’s going on in the world.  I find this to be true, that God’s forever WORD and my friend Jesus are a permanent anchor for my soul in times of trouble and the rough seas of life.


I love being outdoors in the summer and I take every chance to do so, from walks with my wife and our Golden Doodle, to drives into the country, a few opportunities to do what I like to call fishing, whether we catch any or not. And my wife and I like to travel to Florida and out West and all around Indiana.


The trouble this year, of course, is with all the restrictions on what can be open and what cannot be open, that our choices are limited and our hopes for some free and easy fun breaks from the work routine are not so free and easy.


Still, we need to find creative ways for recreation and some kind of travel, and be patient with the new circumstances and thankful to God always.

-Pastor Mike Winters

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